Thursday, 13 March 2014

My day in Raid Finder

During my last Countdown to Warlords of Draenor post, I mentioned trying to make an effort to do Raid Finder more to try to reach some of my important objectives:

● Get Holy Item Level to over 553 (539/553)
● Get Ret Item Level to over 553 (512/553)
● Finish Legendary Cloak quests (Titan Runestone: 8/12)

To that end I spent the day in Wings 3 & 4 of LFR ToT and then Wings 1, 2, 3 & 4 of LFR SoO while healing on McTacky.

Of the list of 19 Boss I killed yesterday, I hadn't done 7 before in Raid Finder, just in Flex. Jerks and rude people everywhere in these groups who I could just thankfully ignore.

While there, I was experimenting trying to get my HPS (heals per second) higher, there were people in there doing three times what I was doing.

Usually I just Beacon of Light a Tank, then spam Holy Light, Holy Shock, Holy Prism and Eternal Flame on the raid members with lower health precent. I usually finish fights with most of my mana.

During these runs I tried maintaining the Eternal Flame HoT on both Tanks, stood in melee range to use Crusader Strike to build up Holy Power so I could Eternal Flame & Light of Dawn more often and on more people. Used Divine Light on the Beacon of Light Tank for more Holy Power as well as use Holy Radiance far more often. Still used Holy Shock on cooldown on raid members as before. I was actually using most of my mana in fights.


This isn't proof since the two fights are different, but I did move up two rankings and increased HPS significantly. I need to do more healing to know for certain.

The biggest problem was after Kalaxxi both tanks left and we were waiting for new tanks for 30 minutes. Then when we got new tanks, one of them left right away. About 1 am I called it quits and went to bed.

I obtained 3 Titan Runestone in all from the 12 boss that drop them (the two guaranteed drops & one luck drop). So just one left now, a better position than I started in.

No loot dropped. In his Holy set, McTacky's shoulder and chest are 500ish item level each and a 522 neck, so the LFR items would have been a step up. (Note to self - Save rerolls on Chest & Shoulder in Flex).


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    The only thing I've changed is using a browser other than Firefox.

    Oh, and by the way. Great job on the healing, Tack!!!!