Monday, 3 March 2014

Flashback: Redeeming the Dead

Many years ago...
Aloysius McTacky walked up the stairs of the Silvermoon City Inn. Upstairs was the accommodation. Upstairs was the accommodation. Laying down was the Blood Knight Sangrias Stillblade, the man who tried to kill McTacky earlier today on Isle of Tribulations. Now he was laying down inside an inn and McTacky stood over him with all the power.

McTacky stood over the prone Sangrias Stillblade. It wasn't his fault, Knight-Lord Bloodvalor had ordered Stillblade to kill McTacky. It had become necessary for McTacky to kill Stillblade. McTacky's hands began to glow with Holy Light. McTacky had learned much of combat and bloodshed, but that wasn't enough for the task at hand.

McTacky's education in the use of the Light has focused on mere charms and parlour tricks thus far. He'd wanted to be a mere Jewel-crafter like the rest of his family. But the time had come for him to learn of the nature and breadth of the power. There was much more to his order. Mastery of the Light requires a focused mind and tremendous willpower. But time was of the essence.

For McTacky this was the longest 10 seconds of his life as he focused the magical energies he had absorbed. Today McTacky had learnt the truth about the source of the Blood Knight's powers. Today Knight-Lord Bloodvalor had ordered Stillblade to kill McTacky. Today McTacky would use the ultimate power on Stillblade.

The power over death.

The magic released from McTacky's hands and bathed Stillblade in a holy light. The spell was known as Redemption. Stillblade arose, alive.

McTacky had raised the dead. He had killed Stillblade not a long time ago on the Isle of Tribulation and now he had to power to raise him.

It had been all part of Knight-Lord Bloodvalor and the Blood Knight Matriarch, Lady Liadrin's plan. Force McTacky to slay Stillblade in self defence, then come back and find out the truth. The gift from our beloved Prince Kael'thas, and the foundation of the Blood Knights' mastery of the Light. Namely the enslaved Naaru M'uru and drain the holy energy from him, granting McTacky the ability to cast holy spells.

Stillblade stood up and wordlessly wandered off.

McTacky could feel the light inside him now. McTacky was now a Paladin. He was now Initiate Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky.

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