Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Flashback: Master Blood Knight McTacky

McTacky on his new thalassian charger, sporting the then popular Outland Clown look!
Within the ranks of the Blood Knight order, there exists an inner circle of elite knights. Members of the circle represent the most dedicated, skilled, and trustworthy of all Blood Knights and are handpicked by the leadership. Each candidate for membership must have a sponsor within the circle and must demonstrate their dedication to the order's central tenets.
Many years ago...
"I have chosen to sponsor you for standing as a Blood Knight Master, if this is your wish," spoke Lady Liadrin, the first and leader of the Blood Knight order.
Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky was still kneeling before the Blood Knight Matriarch. He nodded. He'd just returned from a mission into the city Stratholm to act against the Order of the Silver Hand. McTacky had snuck in at the Deathholm district of the city reached Alonsus Chapel and douced their Eternal Flame.
"That you have chosen to accept my offer speaks well of you, McTacky. Ours is the true way of utilizing the Light. I wish you luck in the task I am about to set for you, but I'm certain you'll prove yourself more than capable," spoke Lady Liadrin.
McTacky was given a Items for Magister Astalor Bloodsworn, a list of goods to procure.
"Without such contributions, the order would fall apart. I will give you a list of items Magister Astalor Bloodsworn's men require to keep us supplied with Light energy for our magics," assured Lady Liadrin.
~~~~Weeks later~~~~
"Have you returned with the materials Magister Astalor requires, McTacky?" asked Lady Liadrin.
McTacky nodded.
"40 Runecloth, 10 Sungrass, 6 Arcanite Bar, 5 Dark Rune, a Pristine Black Diamond, an Arcane Catalyst, a Crepuscular Powder, Tyr's Hand Holy Water, and 150 gold coins," listed off McTacky. The bag was heavy not just because of the items inside but the time and effort and cost it had taken to collect all of them.
"Excellent. It appears everything is here," said Lady Liadrin, "tell this Initiate to bring it all to Magister Astalor. There's no need to go on such a trivial errand yourself."
An Initiate Blood Knight came in.
"Initiate Khesed, deliver this parcel to Magister Astalor," said McTacky.
The Initiate accepted McTacky's quest and left. McTacky remembered way back to when he was an Initiate. Fresh from being infused with M'uru's power of light.
McTacky turned back to Lady Liadrin and knelt.
"Ours is the true way of utilizing the Light, McTacky. To show others that would call themselves 'paladins' the folly of their ways, we have sent an unmistakable message," spoke Lady Liadrin, "All who would oppose us would do well to heed the warning you delivered in Stratholm. Our foes should know that they are in peril, from the lowest foot soldier to the mightiest hero."
Blood Knight McTacky was adorned with the Blood Knight Tabard. He was now Master Blood Knight McTacky.
"You have earned your place in the ranks of the masters. Your dedication and prowess serve as an example for all Blood Knights," spoke Lady Liadrin.
McTacky was signalled to arise.
"You are to lead a unit into Outland to help reinforce the Prince's occupation of Tempest Keep, Master Blood Knight," ordered Lady Liadrin, "they need to bolster their numbers in the wake of Voren'thal the Seer and the Scyrers treachery."
As McTacky knew, defection of Voren’thal and his followers to Shattrath was the largest loss ever incurred by Prince Kael’thas’ forces. Nor were these just any blood elves. Many of the strongest and brightest amongst Kael’thas’ scholars and magisters had been swayed by Voren’thal's influence. Prince Kael’thas had gone to Outland with 15% of all the Blood Elves so the defection was a sizable number.
"As you command, Matriarch," agreed McTacky.