Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Flashback: McTacky's Trade

"What a tacky necklace!"

"You are wearing a tacky pendant!"

"That ring is so tacky!"

McTacky Jewellers.
THE name in quality adornments in Silvermoon for over 300 years.
When you see a piece of jewellery, the first name you think of is Tacky!


Many years ago...
Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky wasn't yet a Master Blood Knight when he first laid eyes upon the pile of Azure Moonstone and realised what they could do. McTacky was a jewelcrafter, like his ancestors. These precious stones were from another world, the destroyed world of Draenor, now known as Outland. A place McTacky had yet to visit.

"I say we make Azure Moonstone Ring from these gems," said McTacky's Father, the now owner of the family business, "they will sell for far more than mere Wicked Moonstone Ring. Praise be to Prince Kael'thas!"

"I'm am not so certain," disagreed McTacky.

"Whereas I am certain. Shadow Oil is difficult to obtain these days. All Lesser Moonstone is good for is Amulet of the Moon. I am certain these Azure Moonstone will be able far more profitable and higher quality," said McTacky's Father, "bless Prince Kael'thas and his expedition for enriching the lives of all sin'dorei. You will do well to finish your training and aid the Prince in Outland!"

"I need to get back to the barracks before curfew," said McTacky, taking his leave, pocketing a Azure Moonstone on his way out.

Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky was thinking outside the box here. He was thinking beyond simple enchanted jewellery and trinkets, those had existed forever. It was the naaru, M'uru, who McTacky had encountered way back when he had become an Initiate. The Blood Elves of Silvermoon drew their magical energies from that huge living crystal in the absence of the sunwell. This Azure Moonstone could also have surprising power within them.

McTacky didn't return to his barracks has he had claimed, instead made a detour to the Silvermoon Inn and sat at a table. He opened his jewellers kit and took out his Loupe.

"Would you like something?" asked an Bartender.

"Just some water right now," said McTacky, trying to concentrate.

The Bartender sighed and used their mage powers to conjure some Conjured Water and placed it on the table before moving on.

There was power within, but the shape was wrong! If this gem was cut a certain way it would amply and release the power. Different shapes would release the energy in different ways. his could take some time.

"I will have some Dalaran Noir, bartender" said McTacky. This would be a late night.

"I have a name. I am Firehybrid, I just made Adept Bartender level!" said the Bartender.

McTacky wasn't paying attention to the Bartender. He was staring into the Blue Gem, seeing the potential inside. He didn't see the gem itself, but what it would become. He just had to cut away the pieces he didn't need. Lustrous, Solid, Sparkling and Stormy shapes perhaps?