Sunday, 16 November 2014

Warlords of Draenor - Day 3

So I began my third day in Draenor!
The first thing I did was camp out the slow spawn rate Fishing Shack Quest. Eventually I got my four kills and unlocked the shack and then upgraded it to level 2.
There was a 'debate' in General Chat. Should you take a Mining Node if a fellow Horde is near it. I am on the side that you wait and see if that Horde is a miner or not before touching that node. I learnt that lesson way back in the day in Badlands during Classic.
With Frostfire Ridge finished, I headed over to Gorgrond. The story here is no where near as strong as the Frostfire Ridge story, but I enjoyed the quests here.
I caught a couple more new pets and managed to reach Level 95 before having to log out for a few hours.
When I came back I found myself in a 17 hour queue to get back in.

In the end I was in the queue from 5pm to 8:44pm, with a server shutdown scheduled for 10pm.
During the hour-or-so I was able to play, I managed to hit Level 96 and saw more of the green side of Gorgrond.
I haven't finished the zone yet, so no rating yet.


  1. It's one of my favourite zones with two totally different terrains. Just make sure you visit a certain pet battler before you head to Talador.