Monday, 10 November 2014

All about the Pet Battles

In the lead up to the new Pokémon remakes of Sapphire and Ruby, I have been doing a lot of Warcraft Pet Battles.

Pro Pet Mob - I kept levelling and levelling pets. My first dozen pets were levelled to level 25 the old way of grinding random fights. The next dozen were powered by random world fights in Four Winds with the higher level pets there to do the actual kill.

During the lead up to my [The Longest Day] a month ago, I started levelling up teams of pets to deal with the Tamers in Pandaria. After [The Longest Day] was done, I ended up with a collection of pets that could defeat the tamers around Pandaria and levelling my other pets became much faster.

Even with [Pro Pet Mob] completed, I am still levelling pets.


[The Celestial Tournament] - This took longer to prepare for than Longest Day. I found it to be a nice strategic challenge. Find the right three pets for each fight and use the right moves at the right times without the ability to heal. My favourite pet the [Phoenix Hatchling] didn't end up on any of the teams, but I ended up having to level up a lot of pets I hadn't levelled up yet.


Grey/White Elimination - I no longer have any poor quality pets and only have two common quality pets. I've been traveling Azeroth collection Uncommon/Rare versions of all the pets I have and releasing my old Poor/Common pets. Once the last two Common Pets are replaced, there won't be much time before WoD, but I plan to start hunting down Rares to replace Uncommons.


Breeds of Pets - So far I haven't cared about collecting certain breeds of battle pets. All I have worried about so far is the quality. Then I ended up with a pile of [Iron Starlett] over all my alts and I can only keep three as learned, the only difference between them is their breed. For the quest time I had to consider - which was the best [Iron Starlett]s for me to keep? Health/Health, Power/Power, Health/Power, Health/Speed, Power/Balance? I had levelled a P/P to 25, only to realise Power+ was overkill and perhaps more Health or Speed would be better to level next.


Friendship - I've had a lot of help with my Pet Battles with Crooked, Luxy and Navi. Beyond strategies, they put me onto the PetBattle Teams addon to help manage all the large number of pets I now have.


  1. Achievements! YAY!

    Can't wait to be working on new pet stuff together with guildies!

    1. Yay new pets to collect! It is just like when a new gen Pokémon game comes out with 100+ Pokémon added to be caught!