Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pilgrims Bounty Shopping List

Merry Pilgrims Bounty!

Pilgrims Bounty starts today, so remember to do the dailies because you can get a new toy and a new battle pet (Frightened Bush Chicken & Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter) from inside Pilgrim's Bounty.

Daily Shopping List:
Simple Flour x20
Mild Spices x20
Honey x 100 (all seasonal vendors)
Autumnal Herbs x 60 (all seasonal vendors)
Wild Turkey x20 (kill and loot them outside Undercity in Trisfal Glades)
Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkin x20 (Undercity Seasonal Vendor)
Mulgore Sweet Potato x20 (Thunderbluff Seasonal Vendor)
Tangy Southfury Cranberries x20 (Orgrimmar Seasonal Vendor)

(If you want to skip the Wild Turkey dallies, you only need to buy Honeyx60 instead)

Also if you are doing the normal quests for Pilgrim's Bounty for the first time, have 5 extra of Turkey, Pumpkin, Potato and Crandberry, but don't cook them until you have the quest for them since the quest will only credit you if you cook them while on the quest.

Because of the low drops rates per Pilgrim's Bounty I recommend doing them on all alts. Teaming up with a Mage will make traveling in-between Org-TB-UC faster.


  1. I was lucky and got both the toy and pet from alts today :)

    1. Over my alts, I managed to get 2 hats, 2 toys, 0 pets. Have to try again tomorrow!

  2. None for me so far but I shall start Minndy soon I think!

    1. I managed to get the pet on the 2nd day, good luck Navi!

  3. Oh tx for this, I hadn't worked out just how much I needed and spent yesterday running back and forth getting ingredients and then back and forth handing in quests.

    I'm doing these on my mage and druid, as much as I want the pet I don't think I have the patience to do it on more :)

    1. If you buy enough for the rest of the holiday, it halves the traveling, since you can just hand in the quests when you get them.