Friday, 14 November 2014

Warlords of Draenor - Day 1

8:45pm Server Time: We all receive the quest and head to our nearest copy of Khadgar.

Adventure in Tanaan Jungle with McTacky's Boss, Lady Liadrin. They are both holding their Quel'Delar. Did some quests with my guildie Biship.
McTacky under a stone with the Frostwolf Carving. It is near where the garrison should be, but a bug prevented the quest [Establish Your Garrison] from being completed.
 There was a server restart, but everyone was removed from Draenor. No one on the Saurfang Server could get back on to Draenor. Transfer Aborted: Instance not Found.

This situation is still ongoing at the time of this post.

But you could still queue for dungeons so I went and did Bloodmaul Slag Mines twice with guildies Navi, HK, and Xyn before midnight. I had fun in the dungeon!

I got to level 91 though the Dungeon and Pet Battling in Pandaria.

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