Wednesday, 19 February 2014

McTacky Saves Love is in the Air (Part 4 of 4)

Crown Chemical Company and not Hallmark
Crown Chemical Company HQ (not Hallmark)
Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky arrived at the Crown Chemical Company. It was situated at Shadowfang Keep. Shadowfang Keep was one the home of Baron Silverlaine before Archmage Arugal took over. After Arugal was defeated Lord Godfrey moved in. With Lord Godfrey removed, the castle was taken over by the Crown Chemical Company.

Usually this place smelt of undeath. That awful awful smell. But this time there was an overpowering aroma of cologne and perfume. McTacky made his way into the courtyard.

"Have a free sample of Alluring Perfume and Irresistible Cologne, Blood Elf" said Apothecary Baxter.
"Thanks," said McTacky, "I need to speak with your boss."
"Blood Knight. What brings you to the Crown Chemical Company?" asked Apothecary Hummel, the CEO of the company.
"You are the biggest retailer of Love is in the Air goods. Looking for insights to the changes to the holiday in the past five years," said McTacky.
"Five years? Well due to the, ah, "misunderstanding" in Dragonblight, we've had to relocate our facilities to this decrepit mess of a castle. Still we've now plenty of space and time to work on various new and lovely...Products..." said Apothecary Hummel.
"So you only started developing the new goods back then? That would explain the changes," nodded McTacky, "so you managed to dominate with sales with your goods and shift the purpose of the holiday."
"Is that all you needed to know?" asked Apothecary Hummel.
"I was wondering if you knew of any threat to the holiday?" asked McTacky.
"Assassins have been making attempts on my life of late, sir Blood Knight, " said Apothecary Hummel.
"If Crown Chemical Company is defeated, that will end the availability of goods for Love is in the Air." said Apothecary Frye.
McTacky nodded. That would be a threat to the holiday.
"Look out! Assassins!" called out Baxter.
A group of alliance assassins appeared! McTacky had to protect the three Apothecaries! McTacky cast his powerful healing magic to keep the Apothecaries alive so they could damage down the assassins. Eventually the Apothecary chemicals brought down the group of assassins.

"Thankyou for your help! You saved" said Apothecary Hummel.

"Here! Have a Toxic Wasteling for all your help!" said Apothecary Baxter.

"What about that Big Love Rocket instead?" asked McTacky, spying a Rocket Mount in the corner.

"No. Take the pet and be grateful," said Apothecary Hummel.

Days Later in Silvermoon..."So I saved Love is in the Air. The dream was REAL," insisted McTacky to the Bartender.

"It just sounds like a coincidence that you were there when that group of five assassins turned up," said the Bartender, "you just found a threat that had a coincidental connection to your dream."

"You just can't admit this time I was right," said McTacky.

"If you say so," said the Bartender.
Then the Blood Elf Scientist came in. McTacky nodded at the Scientist. She came over.

"There you are! I was looking for you. If you had just waited and did some actual research you would have discovered that the chemicals inside the Crown Chemical Company Perfumes and Colognes were slowly brainwashing everyone." said the Scientist.

"So this holiday turning from a celebration of the start of Spring into a Love Festival was a master plan to take over the world by the Crown Chemical Company?" asked McTacky.

"Yes. But we don't have to do anything about it. The Alliance are also aware of this, so they sent in a band of assassins to deal with them. So orders are to allow them safe passage to Shadowfang Keep so they can take care of the problem," said the Scientist, "that way it won't look like the Horde assassinated it's own citizens."

McTacky sighed as the Bartender stifled a laugh. McTacky had screwed up. Again.

"Come join me for a few drinks. I know I need one," said McTacky.
The Scientist hesitated for a moment before shrugging and sitting down as well on a barstool.
"I am Master Scientist Sannaraleice," said Scientist Sannaraleice.
"I am Master Blood Knight McTacky," said McTacky.
"I am Grand Bartender Firehybrid," said the Bartender.

"No one asked you," said McTacky, "just get us a whole Bottle of Dalaran Noir now Bartender."
Merry Love is in the Air everyone!


  1. You ever have that "oops" or "DOH" kind of feeling? :D


    1. The main point I think is that no one other than Crown Chemical Co. witnessed McTacky killing those assassins, so everything is fine.

  2. This story is awesome. I think you need to roll on an RP server!!!

    1. Going RP all the time I feel would be exhausting.! :)