Saturday, 15 February 2014

McTacky Saves Love is in the Air (Part 2 of 4)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky rode down the streets of Silvermoon on his Thalassian Charger. The streets were crowded, but it wasn't only resident, there was still a substantial number of refugees from Dalaran. Lady Jaina Proudmore had exiled the Sunreavers and other Blood Elves from the city.

"Back in Dalaran we used to head to the park and have a Romantic Picnic. I remember feeding each other Buttermilk Delights," said Dalaran Refugee.
"I used to do that too!" said a different Dalaran Refugee.

"I did as well!" said a third Dalaran Refugee.

"It is a tradition, of course," said the first Dalaran Refugee.

McTacky started to pay attention after he heard the word 'tradition'.

"Tradition you say? How did it start?" asked McTacky.

"I can't remember, sir Blood Knight" said the first Dalaran Refugee.

"It must have been right around the time Buttermilk Delights went on the market. We just started eating them about five years ago," said the third Dalaran Refugee.

"That sounds about right, sir" said the second Dalaran Refugee.

"I see," said McTacky, "sounds spontaneous."

McTacky had heard a lot from the crowd that this love and consumption aspect to the holiday all started five years ago. What had changed? Was this what McTacky had to save this advent of spring holiday from?

McTacky took a sample of Buttermilk Delight and the science labs, McTacky activated the arcane scrying equipment and began to study his Buttermilk Delight sample. He would find why it was part of this strange tradition the Dalaran Refugees had talked about.

After some time and much searching, McTacky came to a conclusion.

"I don't see anything," admitted McTacky to himself.

"Excuse me," asked a condescending voice behind McTacky, "do you even know how to use this equipment?"

McTacky tuned and realised he was being watched by a Blood Elf Scientist.

 "My gear and weapons boosts my Intellect considerably," pointed out McTacky to the Scientist, "I think I know what I am doing."

"Finding the chemical composition of a substance of something is very different to pouring a light into someone to heal their wounds," said the Blood Elf Scientist.

"I will find that using the light of the sunwell to bless people with the light does indeed heal wounds," said McTacky.

"All you are doing is pouring light into someone without knowing a single thing about anatomy. Your treatment for a sharp force trauma is identical to the treatment for a blunt force trauma." said the Blood Elf Scientist, "there is no intelligence on display."

Such disrespect for a Master Blood Knight.

"Take a look at the sample then," said McTacky, irritated.

Blood Elf Scientist looked at the equipment.

"It is just a Buttermilk Delight. Nothing special about it," said the Scientist, "what is this about?"

"The advent of Love is in the Air from a celebration of the start of spring to a romantic holiday," said McTacky, "and the shifting of traditions."

"Perhaps you should just read up on the history of the holiday and study the cultural shifts and the advent of commercialisation in this globalised world abundant with portals and airships," said the Scientist, "if you stayed here you we could conduct a rigours research and produce a paper into the cultural shift."

"I think it'll be faster if I find evidence and clues directly from the source," said McTacky, "I need to save Love is in the Air."

The Scientist looked at McTacky oddly.

"The source?" asked the Scientist.

"What?" asked McTacky, "my method always works. I just need to find a lead to take me to the next place. So I will just go back in time and find out the answers first hand."

McTacky rushed out.

"The lame excuses people come up with," said the Scientist.