Monday, 17 February 2014

McTacky Saves Love is in the Air (Part 3 of 4)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky cleared the sand from his pale silver hair. He had crossed the Tanaris Desert and arrived at the mystical Caverns of Time.

From this place the Bronze Dragonflight oversees the timeline.

"Glad to meet you. Or have we already met? Or will be meet in the future? It is hard to keep track of such things," said Chromie.

"I need to travel into the past and find out more about Love is in the Air," said McTacky.

"You wish to travel back in time, a power that a time war between two dragon flights is being fought, to find out about some love holiday?" asked Chromie.

"Yes," said McTacky.

"Come this way. I have two destinations in mind," said Chromie.

McTacky then found himself 12 years into the past!

McTacky, disguised as a human, travelled to the human towns of Southshore and Tarren Mill.

 There were signs of decorations and revelry at those places. But the traditions seemed to be less materialistic. Less focus on Achieving things and more on celebrating the world event.

It felt that love really was in the air.

But McTacky could only learn so much from Rural towns, so he set out towards a Human City.

Two years later McTacky arrived at the city of Stratholme. It didn't take McTacky two years to get there, it was just two years later that McTacky appeared there. So technically it took him two years, but he didn't live though those two years.

McTacky disguised as a human walked around the city. As soon as he entered he clearly saw the decorations hanging up.

Inside the local inn were also copious amount of decorations. McTacky took note on what was available. It seemed there was a lack of perfume and greeting cards.

Was it an more recent invention of the famous Crown Chemical Company?
McTacky returned to the present and decided to visited the Crown Chemical Company for some more answers.