Wednesday, 12 February 2014

McTacky Saves Love is in the Air (Part 1 of 4)

It was a warm winter night in Silvermoon as Aloysius McTacky slept in his apartment. McTacky was resting from an exciting raid where he obtained two new weapons. One for healing, one for retribution.
Then there was the sound. A crystal harmony sound that McTacky recognised. It was a Naaru! Just as before it appeared in his dreams, he could see it now before him.
"I speak to you in your dreams. You must save Love is in the Air! Only you can do this, Crusader." intoned the Naaru, projecting it's thoughts into McTacky's mind without actually speaking the words in a language.
"You want me to save 'Love is in the Air'?" asked McTacky flatly.
"That is the meaning of the boon you were given," projected the Naaru meanings.
"What does 'Love is in the Air' even mean? It is a nonsense name for a holiday festival that has no relevance," said McTacky.
"It is the advent of spring and the world awakening to find love and regrowth. Those with love have a chance to renew their affections," said the Naaru.
"The equinox is a month away, so it isn't Spring yet! Also Noblegarden is the Spring Festival. Ya know, Bunnies, Eggs. It isn't subtle symbolism." pointed out McTacky.
"Axial precession, gradual shift in the orientation of Azeroth's axis of rotation, has caused the date of the start of spring to change over the centuries," intoned the Naruu, communicating the complex ideas directly into McTacky's mind, "and Noblegarden celebrates spring, not the advent of spring."
"Start of spring centuries ago, fine. But why call it 'Love is in the Air'? It is a very awkward name," asked McTacky.

"The name given to this celebration of the change of the Light is irrelevant, Crusader. You must save Love is in the Air! This is your task!" intoned the Naruu.

"I have no desire to do any such thing!" insisted McTacky.

"You are a Paladin. You have an obligation to obey all boons," intoned the offended Naaru, the crystal noises harsh to the ear.

"I have an obligation to the Light. You aren't the Light, you are merely a dimension-traveling sentient energy being," pointed out McTacky.

McTacky remembered nothing of the rest of the dream, but he eventually awoke in the morning a terrible headache. And the knowledge that he would have to save 'Love is in the Air'.

Anyone else having Déjà vu?