Tuesday, 4 February 2014

McTacky the Messenger (Part 1 of 1)

Still no access to my own computer, so another McTacky short story.

McTacky the Messenger

The rows of Silvermoon City Guardians allowed Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky to pass. McTacky dismounted and entered a run down the red carpet into the Sunfury Spire, where once the Sunstrider Spire once stood. McTacky didn't have Pursuit of Justice but instead had Long Arm of the Law, which mean McTacky wasn't naturally faster, unless he was judging something. McTacky glanced around and saw no critters around that he could use for a speed boost.

Still McTacky had come as fast as he could from Undercity with this message. McTacky stood at the door to the Inner Sanctum when an attachĂ© removed the unseemly sweat from the Blood Knight's face. Once McTacky was cleaned up, he was allowed to pass, and he was announced into the grand chamber where the Lord Regent himself, Lor'themar Theron, waited.

"Speak, exhausted Blood Knight," said the Regent Lord.

"Dire news sire. Our plans must be altered," said McTacky.

"How bad is it?" asked the Regent Lord.

"The Dark Lady herself spoke with me. She has moved her remaining dark knight to her castle in response," said McTacky.

"Anar'endal dracon!" swore the Regent Lord, losing his composure, "Summon my generals. We need to change our strategy accordingly."

Elderly men, the kingdoms finest tacticians came into the Regent Lord's chamber. The news of the battlefield movement were broken to them. Finally after hours of talk, the counter-attack was determined.

McTacky was summoned again to the Regent Lord's Chamber and given ordered to return to Undercity and take a message to the Dark Lady.

"Queen's Bishop to D2."


  1. I love your stories :) So much!

  2. Tacky, it's been 5 days... where's the next bit!

    1. Sorry this was just a one part story. I changed the title to reflect that.