Friday, 3 April 2015

Obligatory New Characters Model Post

McTacky from November 29th 2014 on the left.
McTacky from Today on the right.
First I notice is that the belt buckle and tabard logo are less squashed horizontally. Also the shoulder armour fits a lot better. The boots don't have that bugged brim at the top. Not seen here but Capes work better.

The only problem is that the belt is still too thin to hide all the entire tabard gap.

Left: Old. Right: New
Obviously the face has more detail and definition. The hair and eyes are far enchaned as well. But there is also geometry differences, the face is more filled in, and with two prominent nasolabial fold clearly seen.
Combine the shoulder armour fitting, the filled in face and the nasolabial folds, it overall makes McTacky look like gotten older and more mature.


  1. Looking good, but I still wear it better!! Who knew male Bloodelves could stand prouder?