Friday, 10 April 2015

McTacky Saves Noblegarden (Part 4 of 4)

Early in the morning, Master Blood Knight McTacky was waiting for his followers to wake up. Finally Aeda Brightdawn, Vivianne, Shadow Hunter Rala and Olin Umberhide leave the Frostwall Barracks.

"What is all this?" asked Vivianne, seeing McTacky's eggy handywork.

"Noblegarden!" said McTacky, proudly.

The four followers exchange a look.

"Mon, you really thunk we be impress with this?" asked Shadow Hunter Rala.

"We're not children, commander!" pointed  out Aeda Brightdawn.

"Nevermind! It is our day off Commander, we don't have to put up with your pointlessness this time," said Olin Umberhide.

"Half-day!" reminded called out McTacky.

The group ignored and walked away up to the hill towards the Garrison flight master, Bron Skyhorn.

Harrison Jones however appeared to be having fun hunting eggs, dragging along all the new Treasure Hunter recruits as his 'assistants'.

"Watch out kid! You almost stepped on an egg!" said Harrison Jones.

"Sorry Doctor Jones," said the recruit.

"You always have to watch where you are stepping. You could step on the letter J and almost fall down a bottomless bit," said Harrison Jones, using his archaeology brush on the egg before picking it up. He was clearly taking the egg hunt way too seriously.

But they appeared to be enjoying themselves.

"So, what treasures did you end up putting inside?" quietly asked Senior Sergeant Atain the Orc Blacksmith to McTacky.

"Some money and a bunch of Balanced Weapon Enhancement and Braced Armor Enhancement," said McTacky.

"Gear upgrades, that is generous," said Atain, "it looks like Noblegarden a success."

Atain picked an egg off the ground and took a bite off the top before McTacky could stop him.

"Uh, how does it taste?" said McTacky, worried about the Lead OreNitroglycerin, Sodium Nitrate and Time Magic used to accelerate the cooking process of the chocolate.

"Strange. Raw and spicy?" said Atain, confused.

"It is a delicacy," lied McTacky.

"Delicacy? You went all out for Noblegarden! I misjudged you, Commander" said Atain, taking another bite of the chocolate.

Atain burped and a jet of fire came out of his mouth.

"I really have to get going. Busy. Things to do..." said McTacky, backing off as a look of realisation crossed Atain's face.

"Where are you going, Commander. You haven't had any chocolate yet!" said Atain, advancing on McTacky with a cruel savage smile on his face.

"I have to pass. I'm not particularly hungry," said McTacky, stepping backwards from the hulking Orc Warrior.

"I must insist, Commander! It would be rude to refuse!" insisted Atain.

Terror entered McTacky's eyes as he was forced to bite into the chocolate.

"I must go now," said McTacky, if he hurried he could make it to the out-house in time.

"The whole egg!" insisted Atain.

McTacky gulped in fear, accidently swallowing the first bit of chocolate that had been in this throat. Already he could feel his stomach burning up.

"Really?" asked McTacky.

"I really insist," said Atain.

(((Hours and One Whole Chocolate Egg Later...)))
"We're back, half-day like you said, Commander," said Vivianne.

McTacky sat dazed inside the Town Hall.

"No new orders?" asked Aeda Brightdawn.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh," groaned McTacky, eyes glazed over.

"Mon, you look like you need a half-day," asked Shadow Hunter Rala.

"Nevermind. We'll just take the rest of the day off. See you tomorrow," said Vivianne.

"Merry Noblegarden, Commander" said Olin Umberhide, as the group he left.


  1. Those bodyguards are party poopers!

    1. I know! They didn't want to do Noblegarden, they just wanted the day off!