Wednesday, 8 April 2015

McTacky Saves Noblegarden (Part 2 of 4)

(((External Establishing Shot: Frostwall Garrison Tavern at night.)))

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky, Commander of the Frostwall Garrison, sat inside the tavern, Loupe in his eye as he carefully painted an egg.

"It is late, I need sleep!" complained the Bartender. It was the dead of night and McTacky was keeping him up.

McTacky paused painting the egg and looked up at the Bartender.

"I need space to work and the Jewelcrafting Workshop is out in the cold," pointed out McTacky.

McTacky, satisfied he answered the bartender's question, went back to painting.

"Why not just go downstairs to the kitchen then?" asked the Bartender.

Interrupted, McTacky paused painting and looked up again.

"I can't work down here. No room left. I have Gorok processing my stockpile of Cocoa Beans into Chocolate," said McTacky, "good thing they stack to 200 bags."

McTacky tried to resume painting, but the Bartender kept talking.

"But the process of Fermentation, Drying, Winnowing, Roasting, Grinding, and Pressing beans into chocolate can take over 2 weeks, you only have a night," said the Bartender.

Irritated, McTacky slammed down his Paint Soaked Brush and took out his Loupe his eyes, and glared at the Bartender.

"Which one of us has a cooking skill of 700?" asked McTacky.

"You..." said the Bartender.
"Which one of us has a cooking skill of 6?" asked McTacky.

"Me...." said the Bartender.

"I think I know more about making chocolate than you do," insisted McTacky smugly.

"As a Illustrious Bartender, I know something about Fermentation. You can't do it overnight," said the Bartender.

"Sure you can. You just have to have the right recipe," said McTacky.

The Bartender looked worried.

"What did you add to the Cocoa Beans?" asked the Bartender.

"Nothing that bad," said McTacky, "just a little bit of Lead Ore..."

"LEAD!?" demanded the Bartender.

"Not much. Not much. The lead content is within acceptable safety limits..." defended McTacky.

McTacky got back to painting the eggs, but he messed up a line when the room shook from an explosion from downstairs.

"What was that?" the Bartender.

"The Nitroglycerin and Sodium Nitrate I guess," shrugged McTacky, "that Orc Chef, Gorok, really has to be more careful, I am trying to concentrate here."

"Are you insane!?" demanded the Bartender.

"700 cooking skill. 6 cooking skill," reminded McTacky at the Bartender, fixing his mistake he made on the egg with some more paint.

"It still won't work," said the Bartender, "you don't have enough time, even with the dangerous ingredients."

"That gives me an idea. Go downstairs and cast Time Warp on the chocolate over and over. And hurry Bartender, every second counts" said McTacky, off in his own world, painting eggs with the care he would cut gems.

"I have a name," grumbled the Bartender, heading downstairs of the tavern. It was going to be a long night.

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