Monday, 15 September 2014

Brawlers Rank 10 & Training Camp

"I can't do it coaches!" said McTacky, slumped at the edge of the ring, his face all bruised and beaten up, "Ahoo'ru is too powerful. He is the better Paladin. He knows how to Divine Circle!"

"Don't be a quitter," said Coach Crooked, "now put some enchants on that gear!"

"You are moving around too much out there! Take control of your movements!" said Coach Luxy, "Here are some better strength gems and a belt buckle!"

"In Phase 2 you need to stop dumping all your cooldowns at the start. Escape the first Divine Circle THEN beat him down." said Coach Crooked, "you need to macro those cooldowns all together so it is a single spam button!"

"You just think you need more time than you do. Deal with the three guardians at a good pace first then worry about doing damage!" said Coach Luxy, "stop taking stupid risks!"

"You are right coaches! I can do it!" said McTacky, determined, "I am the better Paladin!"

"He's one of our veteran Rank 9 brawlers here in Brawl'gar. It's McTacky!" yelled Boss Bazzelflange.

Then McTacky stepped back into the arena.

McTacky defeated the other Paladin and finally earned I've Got the Biggest Brawls of Them All!

The feedback I got from Crooked and Luxy at the end of each attempt I did helped me enormously. Thanks heaps!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for all the advice and help and various gems!

  2. So glad you stuck with it and got him down!


    1. Thanks for the very good coaching!

  3. Well done Tacky!! I am so jealous you got him down!!!!


  4. Hey congratulations! Glad to see you got it in the end.