Tuesday, 9 September 2014

18k Achievement Points + Rank 9 Brawlers

With Brawlin' and Shot Callin', I hit 18k Achievement Points!

Luxy was there when I achieved this, she was there helping me with Haters Gonna Hate.
"Tacky! Do the next fight now! Don't even look it up!" said Luxy.
"Alright then," I said.

It was Hexos!

 Luxy thought her little joke was very funny. I suppose it was.

Two days later at 4:52 am I finally defeat Hexos. I was queued for Tol Barad at the time so the Queue Window appeared for the last 40 seconds of the fight!
I didn't win Tol Barad. I had no chance attacking them on my own. I return to Brawlers.
At 5:14 am I hit Rank 9. 

So just a little to go and Rank 10 and the Mount will be mine!


  1. Congrats and good luck finishing it off!

  2. Nice, Just got all my items for completing the shirts. Not sure if I'll aim for Rank 10 but GL to you on that. ^.^

  3. Grats McTacky!!! Almost there!! I am just stuck on the last guy - I might try and get him done tonight.

    Did you still need the achievement for the portal? Might try and see if we can get it happening in trade? hehe


    1. I got lucky with a portal. A team going to kill Alliance Leaders created the portal while I was running Brawls.

  4. Gratz!! You did so well those first times on Hexos! :D

    1. I got to enrage twice with hexos. My biggest issue was DPS I think.