Tuesday, 21 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 1)

In his lofty Silvermoon apartment, Aloysius McTacky's silvery hair lay on the pillow as his mind was in a deep slumber. He was resting after a hard day of crafting Gems, beating the heat, and being the charming guild know it all.

But McTacky's slumber was not meant to be. He opened his glowing green eyes and gazed upon a visitation of a Naaru! McTacky's thoughts quickly wondered if it was here for revenge? Blood Knight Master McTacky had drained holy energies from the shining M'uru to grain access to the holy powers of the light. It was another era, before the Sunwell was restored and mana had to be mana tapped from other living creatures.

The crystal harmony noises came from the unnamed Naaru before McTacky. Somehow he understood it's meaning.

"I speak to you in your dreams. You must save the Lunar Festival! Only you can do this, Crusader."

"I'd be honoured. Hang on, the LUNAR Festival?" asked McTacky.

"That is the event of which I speak," projected the Naaru meanings.

"You interrupted my very important beauty sleep for the Lunar Festival of all things? That is that Night Elf Holiday," said McTacky.

"Such arrogance is unbecoming. Communion with Elders is not exclusive to a people" intoned in crystal, translated the Naaru meanings.

"Search Silvermoon. Do you see any Lunar Festival Decorations? Do you see any elders? Of course not. Just some Tauren squatting near the front gate," pointed out McTacky.

"Observance is not important. Being a saviour is of importance," intoned the Naaru.

"What about the Feast of Winter Veil? I'd love to save that world holiday," said McTacky.

"At this time the Lunar Festival is threatened," said the Naaru.

"No thankyou," said McTacky.

"You are a Paladin. You have an obligation to obey all boons," intoned the offended Naaru, the crystal noises harsh to the ear.

"I have an obligation to the Light. I gain strength from the restored Sunwell, as to all sin'dorei. However you are a dimension-traveling sentient energy being," pointed out McTacky.

McTacky remembered nothing of the rest of the dream, but he eventually awoke in the morning a terrible headache. And the knowledge that he would have to save the Lunar Festival .

What are you Tauren even doing here?


  1. The Lunar Festival is one of my favourite game holidays. It's a shame there's nothing new though.

    1. I expected a lot of Pandaria content to be linked with the Lunar Festival and was disappointed last year.

  2. Hey Tacky! I like where this is going. A reluctant hero, a festival of the enemy. Good stuff!