Thursday, 23 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 2)

The festival of the moon was ever more important to the kaldorei than the sin'dorei. Aloysius McTacky, Master Blood Knight needed more information if he was to continue in his mission.

McTacky heard from a reliable source in Murder Alley that the The Sunreavers in the Sunreaver's Sanctuary were celebrating the Lunar Festival. The SUNreavers were celebrated the LUNAR Festival? McTacky had to investigate this lead. So he decided to head out from Silvermoon the next morning and take the next zeppelin to Northrend.

After an arduous flight north, McTacky arrived at the city of Dalaran. He moved though the familiar streets that had been his home during the Northrend Campaign. Past the Sunreaver guards, he entered the Sanctuary. The rumour was true, there was indeed decorations up.
 Moon lanterns in the Sunreaver's Sanctuary? McTacky looked around for some locals to question.
McTacky found a pair of commoners. They would not dare refuse to answer to a Blood Knight about the Lunar Festival.

"Why do the Sunreavers have Lunar Lanterns up? That makes no sense!" pointed out McTacky.

"Well we were all kicked out of Dalaran over a year ago during the Pandaren Campaign Divine Bell debacle. None of this scene makes any sense!" pointed out the Female Blood Elf Commoner defensively.

"This is a celebration of our ancestors defeating the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients," explained the Male Blood Elf Commoner in a calm voice.

"The celebration of our ancestral exile by the kaldorei, you mean?" asked McTacky aggressively.

"Think of it like this; aren't you glad you live in Silvermoon and not Darnassus?" asked the Female Blood Elf.

McTacky paused to consider. This apartment in Silvermoon was much nicer than living in trees.

"This is true," admitted McTacky, calming down.

"Seek out our Elder for more information," said the Male Blood Elf  Commoner.

"During the Lunar Festival, we should take time to seek out our elders and consider their wisdom," said the Female Blood Elf Commoner.

"What Elder? There are no Blood Elf or High Elf Elders," pointed out McTacky.

"You can find an Highborne Elder at the ruins of Night Elven city of Kel'Theril," said the Female Blood Elf.

McTacky stayed the night at the The Filthy Animal inn and next the next morning for the land of Winterspring. The location of the ruins of Kel'Theril.


  1. Good stuff man. I'm looking forward to the next one. :D