Monday, 27 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 4)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky entered in Moonglade via the Timbermaw Hold. McTacky years ago had befriended and become exalted with this furlong tribe and they allowed him safe passage.

McTacky's black and red metal boots trod on the stone path that went around the shoreline of Lake Elune'ara. There was a haze rising from the lake and the moon was bright in the sky.

In the mists, standing before McTacky stood the demigod Omen. It roared in rage at the Blood Knight.

McTacky readied himself with a blessing of might and seal of blood.

The demigod was, of course, no match for McTacky's powerful paladin powers. The beast was mindless and McTacky put it down.

With Omen defeated, McTacky continued down the path into the Night Elf town of Nighthaven.

"I defeated the beat Omen. I saved the Lunar Festival," said McTacky, glad this was all over. He had finally completed his task from the dream.

"Defeated Omen? No the beast possesses Elune's blessing and is immortal," said Fariel Starsong, "you just sent his spirit back to the waters of Elune'ara."

"What." said McTacky.

"Your victory is a celebration, McTacky. A celebration of the might of Omen, of you and of the peace you have given this tragic hero of our past," said Valadar Starsong.

"So I did save the Lunar Festival then, at least?" asked McTacky.

"You misunderstand. Defeating Omen is 'part' of the Lunar Festival. Each year during the Lunar Festival Omen's rage rises his spirit from the lake. Each year he is defeated and subsides for another year for the past 10,000 years," said Valadar Starsong.

"So if I hadn't defeated Omen?" asked McTacky.

"A group of champions would have formed and done so, as is tradition," said Fariel Starsong, "here, have a complementary Elune Lantern. Come back next year!"

Days Later in Silvermoon...

"Merry Lunar Festival!" cheerfully greeted the Tauren at the gates to Silvermoon as McTacky finally arrived home after a long trip back.

McTacky just glared at the Lunar Festival Harbingers, he'd had enough of the Lunar Festival. McTacky made his way to the Wayfarer's Rest.

Hours later McTacky was a little drunk. Dalaran Noir wasn't very strong.

"You had a dream then you were surprised it didn't come true? Are you mana-crazy?" asked the Bartender, "It was just dream! And you travelled to two other continents because of this dream? What is wrong with you?"

"Dalaran Noir," said McTacky.

"If I did everything I did in dreams in real life, I'd get arrested." said the Bartender, pouring out the drink.

"Leave the bottle," said McTacky.

The End


  1. I love this!! Thanks for giving me a good chuckle :)

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    1. Grumble! Grumble! Tauren and their Lunar Festival! Grumble!