Friday, 15 March 2013

Blood Knight in the Wild (Part 4)

I was off to visit on Dino Island where Azalpha and Luxypie's alt were.
This Luxy alt, LuxyGaga, is actually in my guild Frostwolves. Once there I noticed she is wearing this set. This Orc Shaman looked like a Blood Knight!

She is transmogged into wearing Ironhide Mail set. No Tabard. Helmet & Cloak Off. Dagger is Rusted Gutgore Ripper. I forgot to screenshot the gigantic sheild, Pulsing Spellshield but it can be seen behind her.


  1. We look so fiiiiine! Even that little dino is like 'Dayummmm!' Or maybe he is hungry.

    No tabard, helm and cloak off because I like it minimal, (I am lazy) but I want to look at my options now.

    Psst! She's a Shaman not a Hunter!

    1. I meant Hunter like Turok the Dinosaur Hunter...

      Yeah, that's it. Not like I'm lying to cover up a mistake. Nope! Not me!

  2. Good cover, very believable!

    I actually just changed the dagger the morning, it was The Lobotomizer in the screenshot. Sorry!

  3. LOL! She is one fine looking orc :)