Thursday, 18 February 2016

Nightmare Toy Scenario


Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky returned to the bar in Silvermoon City, coming back from his vacation on Timeless Isle. He had really needed a break after the Draenor Campaign came to an end.

"I see you are back from Draenor, Bartender," said McTacky.

"I have a name, you know," said Bartender.

"Let me tell you about my time on Timeless Isle," said McTacky, changing the subject as he sat down at the bar.

"Trying to magically make chocolate fast again?" asked Bartender, remembering McTacky's last Time Magic Stunt.

"I was hunting toys," said McTacky.

"Toys?" asked Bartender, raising an long red elven eyebrow.

"Indeed, and I obtained them all. The worse was the Warning Sign. I slain 313 of those Ordon yaungol for it. It was hard work, but I got the job done!"

"You murdered the locals... for toys?" asked Bartender.

"An a mount!" smiled McTacky, "it was all justified since Ordon and his fire cult are evil (except when I invoke his power for bloody coins). I managed obtain all the Toys before my vacation was over."

"You at least got, Hardened Shell and Ash-Covered Horn?" asked Bartender, grumpy at McTacky's comments about fire magic.

"I found them, but they aren't Official 6.0 Toys so I didn't keep them," said McTacky.

"Oh.... the official Toy Classification Agency is going to make them Official 7.0 Toys that can go into the 7.0 Toybox," said Bartender.

McTacky's face went pale as the realisation and Horror set in.

"No!" spoke McTacky quietly in disbelief.

"Read the list there. There 5 items from Timeless Isle will be 7.0 Toys," said Bartender.

"I have to go back," said McTacky, almost whispering as he stood up.

"No you don't. They are just toys," pointed out Bartender.

"I have to go back," said McTacky, walking out of the bar in a daze.

McTacky could feel the ghost of Jakur of Ordon was mocking him, having gotten the last laugh.

Edit: I found the Ash-Covered Horn in an alt's bank, but this post still stands. More items from old expansions are being made toys and I threw them away before I found out.

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