Thursday, 16 October 2014

Twisted Nether Blogcast

I was on Episode 234 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast with Hydra & Fimlys! It is now downloadable.
It was recorded Saturday afternoon for me because at the usual recording time on Monday I was going to be at the dentist. (That is Friday/Sunday respectively for those in the Western Hemisphere).
I had a blast during the recording. The interview with me covered things like why I started my blog, my gaming history, how I choose my character names, my opinions on usual social media to complement blog awareness.
After the interview we talked a little about patch 6.0.2, which I had done some research on beforehand.
Then we talked about Blizcon which I had done no research on. Oh well, so much for appearing knowledgeable!
But it was all lots of fun! I probably was having too much fun during the show. I am glad to have been invited on as a guest!