Monday, 27 October 2014

6.0.2 Impressions

I waited to experience this patch a little before writing down my impressions.
Left - Just Before 6.0.2. Right - Just After 6.0.2

1: Stat-SquishI like it. I actually feel stronger than I did before the patch.

But I think it should go further. A level squish. Make the ding mean something again!

I have said for a long time there could be a level squish as well because there are so many empty level between 1 and 60. 5 levels a zone no longer makes sense. Sure the 'ding' looks pretty, but it isn't progress and you don't get something new every level anymore.

2: Ability Pruning
I am very happy with this. Many old redundant Paladin abilities were removed. Before I had a macro to use my cooldowns (Avenging Wrath, Divine Favor and Guardian of Ancient Kings) at the same time. Now I only have Avenging Wrath instead (which is Divine Favor and old Avenging Wrath put together.)

Flash of Light was made useful to Holy again, while Holy Light was removed. Two heals I hadn't used in a while. Divine Light was renamed Holy Light, so everything is cool.

Overall I need to practice some more with the Holy Changes, but I like them!

On Retribution? I guess we don't have Inquisition to punch ever time it is about to wear off anymore. This is a positive change.

3: Storage
Wonderful, wonderful Storage Solutions! New Void Storage Tab! Reagent bank! Toy Box! My bags haven't been this empty in years! Wonderful. Just wonderful!

Bank is so Empty now! So crazy.

4: Pre WoD Events in Blasted Lands:
The new Blasted Lands quests were short and easy as expected, but it did make the Iron Horde look rather weak and not much of a threat to Azeroth. On the upside, it didn't have us running though Nethergarde Mines like the 54-60 Blasted Lands quests.

5: Pre WoD Event Upper Blackrock Spire:I ran old UBRS many times during Classic WoW. I am not the fan of the new UBRS. For the longest time I couldn't articulate why. Was it nostalgia?  The lack of loot? Lack of achievement?

At last I figured it out: It felt incomplete.

With the last two bosses locked off, every run ends in the Rend Room (like people abandoning the group doing the old For The Horde! quest in the Onyxia Chain). It feels like a loss, not a win.

TLDR - Liked gameplay & storage changes. 3 out of 5 Phoenix Insignias.

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