Monday, 18 August 2014

McTacky Vs The Bronze Dragonflight

Master Death Knight Aloysius McTacky marched into the caverns of time with great purpose. The sand moved away from his boots in fear. The Blood Elf's fury was legendary.

"When we met years ago, you forced me to grind grind grind grind grind grind grind for you to even bother talking to me," said McTacky.

"Later you sent me into the past to stop the Infinite Dragonflight from changing history. You said our past was in danger." said McTacky as black sha anger bellowed with ever step he took closer to the centre of the cavern.

"I was suspicious when I was sent back in time to fight in Old Hyjal where there were no time travellers on the other side," said McTacky, "

"Then you send me into some possible future, where  I find out Murozond, leader of the Infinite Dragonflight, was your father Nozdormu this whole time," said McTacky, "and he was trying to prevent a even worse future."

"Your point, mortal?" asked Anachronos.

"So everything I'd done for you was entirely pointless," said McTacky, "but I let bygone be bygones... Either bad future would occur long after I had died. But I can no longer forgive you!"

"Explain yourself!" demanded Anachronos.

"Oh, I just found out the Warcraft Universe operated in a Multiverse where it is impossible to change the past at all. You only end up creating new timelines!" shouted McTacky, his usual blue glowing eyes turning red.

"Calm yourself least you wreck yourself," spoke the Bronze Dragon.

"Wardens of Azeroth's timestream from all who would seek to disrupt its flow? You mandate is a joke. The battles I fought on your behalf are a joke. The fact there are an infinite number of McTackys out there in the multiverse makes me a joke!"

Anachronos' guards raised their weapons and edged towards McTacky.

"Everytime the Infinite Dragonflight traveled back in time they created a new timeline. For every time I travelled in time to stop the Infinite Dragonflight, I created a new timeline on top of that. So three timelines created by that one event times infinity because of all the other McTackys who now exist!" said McTacky, "it made sense when there was only one timeline."

McTacky unleashed the power of the sha and struck down the dragonkin.

"Stop this!" said Anachronos.

"You drove me to this!" said McTacky, laying the bronze dragon with a single boss mechanic that Anachronos hadn't researched.

The Bronze Dragonflight were destroyed.

"If there is to be chaos, there is to be total chaos!" said McTacky, "may all of the timelines run free from your pointless tyranny!"

But for every McTacky that defeated the Bronze Dragonflight, there was a McTacky who never even considered doing it. Making everything that this Death Knight McTacky had done pointless.

Meanwhile In Another Timeline:

"So Garrosh broke out of gaol," said the Bartender, reading the Silvermoon Times.

"I know," said Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky, looking over his wineglass with his glowing green eyes.

"Well the new development is that he proved the existence of the multiverse," added the Bartender.

"Who cares," asked McTacky, busy drinking wine.

"Doesn't that mean all the times you helped the Bronze Dragonflight were pointless?" asked the Bartender.

"What else is new?" asked McTacky, "As far as I am concerned the Bronze Dragonflight and the Infinite Dragonflight are only smoke and mirrors. They never had time travel powers, they could only let us see into the past. Like a simulation."

"That explains everything, including their continued incompetency," said the Bartender.

"Naruu, Dragons, Old Gods, Titans, the Burning Legion. They all claim to be super powerful. But they always lose. If they were really that powerful, they could undo any loss and turn it into a victory," said McTacky, "the only past I believe in is the past we find with our own eyes with archaeology."

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