Thursday, 21 August 2014

Atain vs The Bronze Dragonflight

"So you want me to travel back in time and kill my parents?" asked First Sergeant Atain, "yeah, that sounds absolutely safe!"

"Well they aren't technically your parents. They are from different past, you would be safe," said the Bronze Dragon.
"Patricide & Matricide aside, what is a Different Past? The Past is the Past." asked the Orc Warrior.

"There is one past you are from. These people are from a different past," said the Bronze Dragon.

Atain scratched his head. How was an Orc Warrior meant to make sense of the Bronze Dragon's ramblings.

"In your past the Orcs drank the demon blood. In this different past the Orcs didn't drink the demon blood," said the Dragon, "just accept that there can be more than one past."

"Where is this other past?" asked Atain.

"Where?" asked the Dragon.

"Yes. Where is it located?" asked Atain.

"Draenor," said the Dragon.

"I have been to outland, there is no different past there," said Atain.

"You cannot visit this other past normally. You must use powerful magic. In fact the Orcs from this other past are members of the Iron Horde! They plan to invade our Azeroth! We need to go stop them." said the Bronze Dragon.

"People from the past are trying to invade the future? Good luck. We have better technology and higher Blacksmithing Level," said Atain.

"But in the past they now advanced technology as well," said the Bronze Dragon.

"I don't remember advanced technology in the past," said Atain.

"The other past has this technology," said the Bronze Dragon.

"So if I travel to outland I will see this technology?" asked Atain.

"No. Outland is from your past, not this Other Past," said the Bronze Dragon.

"How can you leave something in the Past and not have it arrive here in the Present?" asked Atain.

"The Other Past isn't Your Past. It doesn't come here," said the Bronze Dragon, "that is how you will be able to kill your parents in the past with no risk to yourself."

"And that makes it okay to kill my parents?" asked Atain, not understanding the idea.

"They are like a different version of your parents," said the Bronze Dragon, "many members of the Frostwolf Clan is enslaved by the Laughing Skull Clan on this other version of Draenor, so they are working for the Iron Horde and it may be necessary to use lethal force."

"Version?" asked Atain. It was a word he didn't know.

"A copy, a duplicate, a mirror," said the Bronze Dragon.

"So they are fake orcs then," said Atain, relieved.

"No, they are real orcs," said the Bronze Dragon.

"Impersonators?" asked Atain.

"No, were born with same names as your parents, were married like your parents, look the same as your parents," said the Bronze Dragon.

"That sounds an awful lot like my actual parents then," said Atain.

"The whole world is a copy of the one you know, a different past" said the Bronze Dragon.

Atain sighed. He didn't understand any of this. How can there be two pasts?

"Could you just give me an opponent that makes sense?" asked Atain, "asking me to travel back in time and fight my parents? It is a bit much."

"They aren't your parents," said the Bronze Dragon.

"They sound close enough that it doesn't make a difference," said Atain.

"Well I suppose you could travel back in time and rescue them instead," said the Bronze Dragon.


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    1. Trying to explain an abstract concept like this to most of the Horde and Alliance armies should not be easy.