Thursday, 28 May 2015

McTacky's Budget Blowout

"Lady Liadrin, you summoned me," said Master Blood Knight McTacky, "is this about how I defeated Blackhand?"

"You only accomplished that in LFR, it doesn't count," said Lady Liadrin, Matriarch of the Blood Knight order. McTacky's boss.

"I killed Imperator Mar'gok in Normal..." mumbled McTacky.

"I have been busy laying siege to Shattrath, and you were given command of the Frostwall Garrison," said Liadrin.

"Yes, Lady Liadrin," said McTacky.

"But I have had worrying reports of misuse of garrison funds," said Liadrin, "the garrison generates 5000 gold weekly but none of this money makes it towards the war-effort."

"That is strange," said McTacky.

"I have the Crimson and Azure Whelping you ordered," said the Ethereal Soul-Trader, appearing out of nowhere, handing McTacky two bird cages containing tiny dragons.

"Oh, thanks," said McTacky, carefully.

The Ethereal Soul-Trader then left.

"I must get back to Frostfire Ridge, Lady Liadrin," said McTacky.

"Of course," said Liadrin, "but you won't be heading back to your garrison..."


Camping in the snow for a month as a punishment.

"Great," said McTacky sarcastically as the Frostwolves howled in the distance.

And it was snowing as well.