Saturday, 3 January 2015

Loyality Quest - The Bartender

"Why don't we have Winterveil Decorations up?" asked Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky.

"I didn't pack any. I can't believe you convinced me to move from Silvermoon City and be a bartender here in the past mirror universe Draenor," said the Bartender.

"You see I did your Loyalty Quest, so you had no choice," explained McTacky.

"What is a Loyalty Quest?" asked the Bartender.

"A unique quest of personal importance for each squad member unlocks the character to be used in your garrison." said McTacky.

"What did you ever do to help me?" asked the Bartender.

"I helped you rank up! You went from Grand Bartender to Illustrious Bartender. I escorted you though the Stormstout Brewery to meet Gao Stormstout, remember?" asked McTacky.

"I never asked you to do that! You offered!" said the Bartender, "I never gave you a quest!"

"Well I completed the Loyalty Quest," smiled McTacky, "so now you are assigned to the tavern in my garrison in mirror universe Draenor in the past."

"You tricked me," said the Bartender, "I was never a quest giver."

"Don't complain," said McTacky, "You are doing what you would have been doing in Silvermoon, except here in the past in a mirror universe."

"Except I am not safe here!" exclaimed the Bartender, "What about that garrison invasion yesterday? They almost burnt down the tavern!"

"No it didn't," disagreed McTacky.

"Your friends Luxy and Crooked ended up saving me, not you!" said the Bartender.

"Oh, I was busy at the main gate," said McTacky.

"You didn't even notice I was in danger!" said the Bartender, "You are the worst!"

"I can't be the worst, I completed your Loyalty Quest," said McTacky.


  1. Mctacky fooled the bartender! :D

    Crook looks so pretty in the screenshot, and you look round and brown! :P

    1. I must say that Luxy is looking very impressive in that screenshot!

  2. He looks so brown!. Is that Luxy? And I see an Aeda!!