Friday, 4 July 2014

McTacky Saves The Midsummer Fire Festival (Part 2 of 2)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky swaggered into the Silvermoon Inn.

"I'll have you know, Grand Bartender, that the Midsummer Festival is saved," said McTacky with a wide grin on this face.

"So you didn't screw up this time?" said the Bartender.

McTacky rolled his eyes.

"I am a professional!" insisted McTacky.

Days earlier in Coilfang Reservoir, Outland...

The squad of 5 travelled from Silvermoon all the way to Coilfang Reservoir in Outland. The discovered the Frost Lord Ahune there.

"It is he who will bring eternal winter!" said Eywaa (Jazz).

"We must stop the Twilight's nefarious plans!" said Morz.

"Let us defeat him and save summer," said Talarial (Zeirah).

"For the Midsummer Fire Festival!" said Nath (totally real Blood Elf).

The group charges in, mercilessly attacking the Ice Lord.

Ahune sends waves of Ice Elementals at the group of Blood Elves.

It is not enough and the Silvermoonites are victorious. 
"He is defeated! We have saved the Midsummer Festival!" exclaimed McTacky.

They all cheer.

Back in Silvermoon Inn

"So you saved Summer? Or did you save the concept of summer?" asked the Bartender.

"He was going to make things cold. That would mean Summer is over," said McTacky.

"So not change the orbital axis of the Azeroth then?" asked the Bartender.

"No," said McTacky, indignant, "he was a Frost Lord! They make things cold with magic!"

"So you travelled to another planet and killed an elemental lord who was minding his own business in his home?" asked the Bartender.

"The Twilight Hammer summoned him," said McTacky.
"So the Twilight Hammer summoned a Frost Lord onto another planet in some dungeon under water and you think Azeroth was going to turn cold?" asked the Bartender.

"I'm sure the magic would have gotten to us eventually," said McTacky, "remember Fire Lord, Ragnaros? He was trying to set the world on fire."

"The Fire Lord who only managed to burn some trees down in Hyjal by setting them on fire?" asked the Bartender, "he wouldn't have changed the orbital axis of the Azeroth either. So he wouldn't have made an eternal summer."

"I totally saved the Midsummer Festival," said McTacky.

"No, you ganked a Ice Lord on another planet and said it was related to the Midsummer FIRE Festival," said the Bartender.

McTacky sighed.

"Hey, go have some fun. You love the Midsummer Fire Festival," said the Bartender, trying to cheer McTacky up, "go juggle some torches! Dance at the Ribbon Pole. Don't sulk here."

"I am a hero!" insisted McTacky, "I saved the Midsummer Festival."

"Sure you did," said the Bartender, patronisingly.

"I am a hero!" insisted McTacky.