Sunday, 17 November 2013

Draenor: The Red World

Draenor. As seen back in Warcraft 2's Expansion Pack "Beyond The Dark Portal".
Era: 8 years after the events of Warcraft 1
The destroyed Draenor, now called Outland, as seen in World of Warcrafts's Expansion Pack "Burning Crusade".
Era: 26 years after the events of Warcraft 1.

The Draenor from another timeline, as seen in the future World of Warcrafts's Expansion Pack "Warlords of Draenor".
Era: This version of the world was created when Garrosh travelled back in time to at least one year before the events of Warcraft 1.
I am going to compare parts of the map I found interesting costal comparisons, beyond the obvious vanishing of Zangarmarsh and Nagrand moving north.
The Devouring Sea:

The West end of the WoD Bay matches the WC2 Bay far more than it did in BC's version. However The north shore in the WoD version goes further east than in the WC2 version.
Deathwing's Lair:
Deathwing's Lair wasn't in Burning Crusade. If it had been it would have been East of Hellfire Peninsula  & The Dark Portal.
Netherwing Ledge served much of the purpose that this island would have served, but it was south of Shadowmoon Valley, not North.
There is an island in the spot of Netherwing Ledge in Warlords of Draenor, but it looks very different to Netherwing Ledge. This could be because Deathwing never made it to outland and didn't use his Volcanic Earth Powers to raise up the second mountain, making the island much larger.
Warsong Clan Island
During Warcraft 2, the Warsong Clan occupy and Island North West of Deathwing's Lair and North East off Hellfire Peninsula. This island was not in Burning Crusade and was probably destroyed when the world exploded.
I don't know what the island was called before the Warsong Clan occupied it during the Second War, so I'll just keep calling it the 'Warsong Clan Island'. Nagrand is the home of the Warsong Clan according to Burning Crusade and you can see they have territory on the mainland in the WC2 map as well.

EDIT: I have discovered I was wrong. Kamalia pointed out in the comments below that the WoD island I thought was 'Warsong Clan Island' is actually Ashran. According to the wowpedia article on Ashran, it is the island where Deathwing's Lair was. The result is that in WoD, 'Warsong Clan Island' vanished and Deathwing's Lair is in it's old spot.


  1. It's always so interesting to compare different maps!

    Isn't that little island just northeast of the Tanaan Jungle the new PvP zone, Ashran?

    1. Thanks for telling me about Ashran! At least I know the name for the island now!