Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mini Contest for Mini Monk

I gained a Pandaren Monk Pet code inside a graphics card box. Since I already have this pet, I thought a quick giveaway of this extra pet is in order.
The contest? Write a haiku about how awesome Garrosh Hellscream is!
Best Haiku in the comments gets the pet code to do whatever they want with it.
Deadline in a week. Have fun.

Edit: I think the code may be restricted to US and Oceanic servers.


  1. I am the Warchief!
    Hellscream's eyes are upon you -
    Show them no mercy

  2. Son of Blademaster
    Forever I Thrall's shadow
    History will judge...

    by Xyn

  3. Forever in Thrall's shadow
    Was meant to read

  4. Mag'hari Orc, strong
    A warrior, proud, Warchief
    Victory or death