Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 1 - My first day Pet Battling

A Topic from Navi's Blog: The Daily Frostwolf - Druid Edition.

I want to hear all about your pet battles! I know you're just dying to tell me! So to all my readers who blog (and even those who don't!) I would love to hear your stories. So I made up a 10 days thing so I can get to know more about your pet battling (and hopefully learn something too!)

Day 1: Your first day pet battling:

I come from a background in Pokémon. Gen 1 to Gen 5. I have all the Pokémon except Meloetta. Traveled traveled on a train for hours to obtain Keldeo. So on the day of the Expansion Mists of Pandaria I barely had time for questing. I had no time to protect the world from devastation or to unite all peoples within our nation! No time to to denounce the evils of the Sha. No time to extend the Horde's reach to the continent below! I was out there, Pet Battling!

My rule: never run from a Pet Battle, even if defeat seems unavoidable. I'm sure the rule came about from the Grindy Levelling of Pokémon and avoiding the EV nerds. Sure, go ahead and kill 252 Zubats to max our your Speed Effort Value, leaving 252 and 6 EV for two other stats. Sure, I'll use a Power Bracer while grinding, but I am not going to Min/Max the fun out of the game.


Back to World of Warcraft. Here was the problem: I wasn't going to leave an area before I managed to capture a rare of each type. Just rare, ignoring it's stats (health/strength/speed). Also the addon I had on the first day couldn't tell if the pet you were battling was a Rare until I caught it. So I had to try to catch everything listed as captureable on wowhead.

BTW First Rare: [Dung Beetle]! Caught near the Cataclysm Portals, on the clifftop above the Tauren District.

Eventually I had caught the rares of Orgrimmar and I moved onto the other Capital Cities and Starting Zones. It was only after many hours of Pet Battling I decided to go out and look at Pandaria for the first time.


  1. Yay! Someone is playing! I know you love Pokemon, so I was hoping you would join in. I find it interesting you got a Dung Beetle so early - I didn't have one for ages... I think I had 75 pets to 26 before I got my dung beetle.

    1. I think I got lucky since one of the first Dung Beetle I found was Rare.