Monday, 15 August 2016

Warlords of Draenor - Month 20

Of Pet-less Hunters and Demon Hunters
This has been an entirely new month for me. When the patch hit there was the first change. Achievement Points!
Left is Patch 6.2.4. Right is Patch 7.0.3
New achievements added, some achievements moved categories, others thrown into Legacy.
Next up was the Wardrobe. So on my Marksman Hunter I set about trying to collect all the transmogs from Classic Dungeons.

The old transmog runs stopped when the Legion Invasions began.

Just been running a lot of invasions to gear up my alts. They are now all sitting around the 700 item level range now. I've grabbed all the new event-transmogs. Also very happy to find Ravika and her old Patch 5.3 Toys. At 285 Toys now.

I'm at 204/250 PVP pet battles wins for the pet (Brutal Pet Brawler). I haven't played much with the new changes to balances yet.
But I've really been enjoying the pre-expansion patch!


  1. Oh wow, that transmog addon looks fantastic, there are so many pieces of gear I'm missing from instances on all the armor types. This might be super useful :)