Thursday, 3 April 2014

Flashback: Blood for Blood at Tempest Keep

Tempest Keep was a floating fortress created by the Naaru. It had arrived in Outland to fight The Burning Legion after the Blood Elves and their allies had begun their campaign in Outland for a new Mana Source. The discovery of M'uru inside Tempest Keep have been fortuitous and directly lead to the creation of the Blood Knight order.
Many years ago...
"McTacky! By the Blood! You are back!" said Lord Sanguinar 'The Blood Hammer'.

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky cast Mana Tap on a bloodgem crystal as he and his squad returned to Tempest Keep.

"We still hold the Eye of the Storm, M'Lord" reported McTacky. The Eye of Tempest Keep and The Eye of the Storm having simular names was annoying, McTacky kept traveling between the eyes so much he felt cross-eyed.

McTacky's squad had been defending the Eye of the Storm from a Sha'tar attack. The Eye of the Storm was just a series of barren rocks, but they were strategic barren rocks! In the past Draenei had successfully broken though once and taken the Exodar wing of Tempest Keep from the Blood Elves.

"The Sha'tar keep handing out The Tempest Key to their champions," said Lord Sanguinar, "it is said that to prove worthy for The Tempest Key they must slay the mighty Magtheridon."

"Magtheridon! Those ridiculous Fel Orcs, draining blood from a Demon to become stronger," said McTacky.

Lord Sanguinar gave McTacky a look. A look you would give a foolish child, "Yes. It is completely different from draining magic from the Naaru M'uru."

"It is entirely different, M'Lord. That is magic," said McTacky.

"It is all Blood Magic, Master Blood Knight. It isn't even a matter of degrees. M'uru bleeds light instead of green blood. Both sides of a coin have the same value," said Lord Sanguinar, "Blood for blood!"

Lord Sanguinar meaningfully tapped the huge bloodgem crystal floating in the room with his legendary Warp Slicer and not his signature Blood Hammer, before heading off.

McTacky wasn't one to have much agency or initiative when it came to these things. He'd been following orders for the Order, growing stronger and stronger. but he was starting to see things more clearly, and he didn't like the picture. He didn't even like the frame around the picture, and it was a nice frame too! The Frame was pretty on the outside and rotten on the inside. Sure it'd look good on the wall, but it would fall apart on you without warning one day. McTacky got lost in that analogy.

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